Tuition and Fees


School Fees In-state Out-of-state
*Registration fee (includes drug screen physical) $235.00 $235.00
Tuition $3,135.00 $3,435.00
WV DMV Fees In-state Out-of-state
CDL Permit Test $25.00 varies
CDL Skills Examination Test $90.00 varies
CDL License $26.25-$61.25 varies
Optional Endorsements In-state Out-of-state
Doubles/Triples **$10.00 varies
Tanker **$10.00 varies
Hazmat **$10.00 varies
TSA Background Check In-state Out-of-state
Adding Hazmat **$89.25 varies
Adding an Endorsement **$5.00 varies
TOTAL COSTS In-state Out-of-state
Minimum total $3,511.25 varies
Maximum total $3,735.50 varies

Note: CDL licensing will be valid for 3 to 7 years. Based on your  current age, the cost will vary (WV only)

The WV total costs will vary based on the number of options chosen.

The out-of-state costs will vary, depending on your states CDL licensing fees. Check with your states DMV office.

*Must be paid PRIOR to enrollment, it is NOT refundable

 **These fees are OPTIONAL, depending on which if any endorsements are chosen.