Tips for Getting your Permit

1. Read the manual. Nothing better equips you than this. ALL the test questions come from this material. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. You can also use the CDL practice test sites on our links page, but keep in mind that these are not State specific, you will not find these exact questions on your permit tests, just similar questions. Also, a few have been known to have differing answers than that of the WV CDL permit test. YouTube also has a great deal of material to help you learn all aspects of getting your CDL permit, license and truck driving in general.

2. Test your knowledge: Spend time going through  “test your knowledge” questions at the end of each sub-section. Most of the questions will be phrased someway from these. If you cant answer the question, find the context in the sub-section and re-read it.

3. Be safety conscious: Where ever you seen the word safe or safety in the manual, highlight it! A question will probably come from that. Also, on your test, any of the answers that have the word safety in it, is probably the right answer!

4. The BEST response: Some questions may seem to have more than one true answer. Pick the one that is MORE true, or true in all situations.

5. Never/Always: Answers that have the words never or always in them almost always are never the right answer!

6. All the above: If you can validate at least 2 answers to be true, then they are probably ALL true.

7. SKIP it: If you cant decide what the right response is, you can skip it for later. Once you get enough correct answers to pass, the program terminates.. so you might not have to answer it. But if you skip too many, they come back at the end. Try to determine the right answer by process of elimination.

8. Audible test: You have the option of reading the question, or having it audibly read to you. Some students have better results with the audible version.

9. Learning resource center. James Rumsey has an Adult Learning Center with resources available to help you study and pass the CDL permit tests. This 3 hour block of tutorial is free to any registered James Rumsey student. This has helped many students improve their test taking skills. We encourage all enrolled students who have taken more than 2 attempts at the permit test, to sign up and enroll for this training aid. For more information on this, contact:

Paula A. Gould, ABE Coordinator
3274 Hedgesville Road
Martinsburg, WV 25403