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This course involves 9 weeks (270 hrs.) of comprehensive training in the Career field of commercial truck driving. Emphasis is on development of the basic skills and knowledge needed to drive a tractor-trailer safely, efficiently and legally. After successfully completing this course the student will have their CDL license, and should be prepared to meet the requirements necessary for an entry-level driving position.

The JRTI truck driving program is divided into three periods. The first 3 weeks are described as range work. Initial training begins with the basic control & operation of the vehicles. This includes pre-trip inspection, shifting, coupling and backing rigs and maneuvers through turns on our 1-mile course.

The second 3-week period is described as CDL Exam preparation. Here students will begin driving on the roadways, preparing for the CDL road test. Students will also practice the  skills and pre-trip inspections as tested by their home state DMV. WV students can test right on our property. Transportation to testing facilities will be provided for MD, VA or PA students.

The last 3 weeks are describes as “Transportation procedures and safety“. Having acquired your CDL, This period focuses primarily on grooming the student for company training. Safe vehicle operation on the public roads and highways in the various conditions and situations drivers will face, is the main focus of this 4 week period. In addition to Defensive driving techniques, other topics will include , extreme driving conditions, night driving, Hours-of-service, size & weight limitations, public & employer relations and trip planning and preventive maintenance/reporting.

1. Orientation to the program & the industry.
2. Control systems, vehicle systems and starting procedures.
3. Vehicle safety and operational procedures.
4. Shifting principles and practice.
5. Coupling / uncoupling trailers.
6. Hours-of-service requirements.
7. Basic control, left/right  turns, LOTS of backing, parallel parking …..
8. Safe Driving: Smith system®, heavy traffic, extreme driving conditions. “Eye on defensive driving”.
9. Road work: loaded, mountain and night drive, scales.
10. Handling cargo, documentation, shipper/receiver ops.
11. Trip planning, navigation skills;  STAA size and weight limitations and restrictions..
12. Entry-level Driver Requirements
13. Public & Employer relations, and CSA 2010
* Total miles driven will vary based on the number of students enrolled per class.

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