James Rumsey Technical Institute


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Steps for Enrollment Into our Programlogo

1        First, you need to attend an interview at the range office, any Wednesday at 2:00 pm(except holidays, see school calendar link). This will determine if you meet DOT eligability for CDL licensing. Directions to our facility are on the contact page. The
interview should last 15-30 minutes, and we ask that you stop by the DMV on your way, and bring a copy of your current lifetime driving record with you. (You have to ask for the lifetime, or they will print a 5-yr., the cost is the same for either)

2       Next you can go to the main office to apply. A $235 registration fee will hold your spot for the next available class and it also pays for your drug screen and physical. (Call Dianna @ 304-754-7925 for current class space availability)

3      Then proceed to the current health facility to complete the drug screen and make an appointment for a DOT physical. The secretary will provide this info and pre-paid forms to take.You will also need to provide us with a copy of your driving record by the start of the program. JRTI accepts funding from most State and Federal re-training programs.  There MAY be HEAPS funds available for students who meet financial need eligability. The School counselor can provide more information about financial aid.Enrolled students should visit their state’s DMV and pick up a free CDL manual (on-line versions are in links page). It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you  begin studying the booklet as soon as possible, in preparation for the CDL permit tests. You must have your learners permit by the start of class, or at the very least, have passed the General Knowledge test.. this will be on a case-by-case basis.Beginning in July 2015, we will be REQUIRING THAT ALL STUDENTS HAVE THEIR PERMIT, OR AT THE VERY LEAST…PASSED THE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TEST.

2016-17      CLASS SCHEDULES  (6 students/class)

class meets from 8am-2:40 pm M-F and follows the

schedule for Berkeley county schools openings & closings

07-05-2016 09-09-2016
08-01-2016 10-07-2016
09-12-2016 11-18-2016
10-10-2016 12-22-2016
11-21-2016 02-03-2017
01-03-2017 03-10-2017
02-06-2017 04-13-2017
03-13-2017 05-26-2017
04-24-2017 06-30-2017

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